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At The Law Offices of Donald B. Garvey & Associates LTD., I offer the experienced guidance only decades of legal practice can provide for your business law, real estate and business litigation needs.

Attorney Donald B. Garvey

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Experienced Business Law And Real Estate Representation

At The Law Offices of Donald B. Garvey & Associates LTD., I provide the experienced business law counsel and guidance you need for your business. With more than 45 years of experience, I have worked with a great many businesses, spanning a wide range of industries and entities, and I can quickly and cost-effectively help you with business law or litigation matters.

I can also assist with both commercial and residential real estate transactions. These are expensive and often time-consuming activities, and my experience allows me to provide effective representation. I can help you during your negotiations, as well as with closings for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Practice Areas


Attorney Donald B. Garvey

Business Litigation

For any business, litigation is a concern. It can be costly, both in terms of the expense of an attorney but also in the time and attention it can demand of you and others within your business. I have worked with hundreds of businesses during the last five decades, providing them with aggressive and knowledgeable representation with a goal of protecting their interests.

With a depth and breadth of experience focused on business law and the needs of businesses, I can help you understand your legal options and develop strategies, whether by astute negotiations or hard-nosed litigation, to cost-effectively resolve your litigation disputes through courtroom trials, arbitration or mediation. I strive to be cost-effective and keep costs in line with the scale of the dispute.

Attorney Donald B. Garvey

Real Estate

I have decades of experience with real estate law in Illinois and can assist with a wide range of needs from handling the negotiation of contracts to closings for residential, commercial and industrial properties. I can help you at every stage of a real estate transaction, for both residential and commercial property as well as related issues, such as contract disputes and mechanic’s lien claims.


Finally, I also draft wills and trusts for my clients and advise them on their estate planning needs.

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Attorney Donald B. Garvey